Hands On Technology Day

Hands On Technology Day An event where you are allowed to touch and experiment with Technology. The specific technologies we will be working with are centered around creating Video, Presentations and Social Media posts. This event promotes questions, understanding and stimulates technology use. Questions are encouraged. Attendees are strongly encouraged to bring equipment that they […]

Social Media Panelist @ WCTC

I, David Kocol, am honored and excited to be a Social Media Panelist at The Social Media Round Table and Networking Event. Happening at Waukesha County Technical College on Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014 at the Richard Anderson Education Center. The event starts at 6pm. WCTC  always throws a great networking event! See you there!

Do you move with purpose? Are you stuck in one spot? Are you “Pacing the Cage”?

When on stage, even “just as a speaker”, you are performing. Your voice and movement are all important parts of your performance. Movements should be purposeful and intentional, as they are part of your message.  Being aware of your movement (gestures, stance, expression and location) is important because you are sending a non verbal message to […]

Entrepreneur Explosion! Meetup 20 October 2014

Are you an Entrepreneur, or want to be one? Join us for this meet and greet. Let’s come together to find out: 1. What you are doing? 2. What you want to do? 3. What’s holding you back? 4. What do you have to offer other Entrepreneurs? I’d like to offer specific workshops on different […]

Third Thursdays Media Message

In response to inquiries about availability to shoot video, I have chosen to devote every third Thursday of the month for Third Thursday Media Messages. This is a day where I will accept video appointments on a first scheduled, choose your most convenient time basis. Every third Thursday, you will find me at my Creative […]

The Coming of Age of My Video Website

The Coming of Age of My Video Website There I was. My video website was an “ugly baby”. Difficult for a father to love. It was disjointed, made little sense, and had the visual appeal of a vomitorium. Enter  Keith Klein and his crackerjack team asked me some basic questions and got to know […]


Personal Growth, the Backstory My adult journey of personal growth begins with my enlistment in the US Air Force (December, 1981). I tested highest in electronics so, the Air Force chose for me to be a computer technician, and gave me training for that job. Basic training at Lackland AFB in San Antonio, TX, advanced […]

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