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Hands On Technology Day

Hands On Technology Day An event where you are allowed to touch and experiment with Technology. The specific technologies we will be working with are centered around creating Video, Presentations and Social Media posts. This event promotes questions, understanding and stimulates technology use. Questions are encouraged. Attendees are strongly encouraged to bring equipment that they […]

Do you move with purpose? Are you stuck in one spot? Are you “Pacing the Cage”?

When on stage, even “just as a speaker”, you are performing. Your voice and movement are all important parts of your performance. Movements should be purposeful and intentional, as they are part of your message.  Being aware of your movement (gestures, stance, expression and location) is important because you are sending a non verbal message to […]

Entrepreneur Explosion! Meetup 20 October 2014

Are you an Entrepreneur, or want to be one? Join us for this meet and greet. Let’s come together to find out: 1. What you are doing? 2. What you want to do? 3. What’s holding you back? 4. What do you have to offer other Entrepreneurs? I’d like to offer specific workshops on different […]

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