Do you move with purpose? Are you stuck in one spot? Are you “Pacing the Cage”?

When on stage, even “just as a speaker”, you are performing. Your voice and movement are all important parts of your performance. Movements should be purposeful and intentional, as they are part of your message.  Being aware of your movement (gestures, stance, expression and location) is important because you are sending a non verbal message to your audience. Since your physical presence is part of your performance, what message is your body movement sending to your audience? If “Working the Room” is the same as “Pacing the Cage”, your movement may be contradicting your words.


Do you move with purpose, or are you pacing the cage?

Many speakers don’t know that they are moving out of nervousness. This could be perceived by the audience, who may not recognize it for what it is, as something else. To check your movement, shoot some video or have a friend shoot some video and watch it sped up. Are your movements purposeful? Is your body sharing the message that you intended?

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